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VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is VMware’s Kubernetes distribution - built on open source technologies, packaged for enterprise adoption and supported 24x7 by VMware Global Support Services (GSS).
Your subscription to VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid includes access to the following signed binaries:

  • Signed and supported Kubernetes binaries
  • Cluster API, an open source tool that provides lifecycle management through declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs*
  • Including signed binaries for the Cluster API Provider for AWS (CAPA) and Cluster API Provider for vSphere (CAPV)
  • Crash Recovery and Diagnostics, to help troubleshoot problem clusters by automating the collection of machine states and other diagnostic data from unstable or inoperable clusters

  • Additionally, you can choose to add on proactive support through Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) and break-fix support for the following technologies:

  • Contour, for multi-team ingress
  • Sonobuoy, to validate the configuration of your clusters
  • Velero, to backup and migrate Kubernetes resources and persistent volumes

  • Note: Existing VMware Essential PKS customers with valid subscriptions are entitled to VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for the remainder of their license term.

    *Cluster API is currently in Alpha and is intended to be deployed in test environments only. It is not currently supported by GSS. VMware CRE does not provide production support for experimental features like Cluster API and Crash Diagnostics but we encourage the use of these signed binaries in non-production environments as a way to get acquainted with what is coming and to provide us insights into your experience. If you have questions or feedback while using experimental features, please let us know by opening a ticket on My VMware. From there, the CRE team will work with our dedicated upstream engineers to incorporate into future releases. You may also file your issues directly upstream and let us know via a My VMware ticket so we can track it through our process.

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    Product Release Date
    VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.16 2020-01-27 Go to Downloads
    Ins Name : c5.v6.j1