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VMware Smart Assurance provides assurance capabilities to deliver service impact and root-cause analysis with visibility across physical and virtual networks, and cloud.
environments, to identify how resources are being consumed and whether service level agreements are being met. This transparency enables customers to visualize, analyze
and optimize their environments to enable faster resolution times and proactive identification of issues that will provide greater return on NFV and IT investments along with improved Quality of Service.

With VMware Smart Assurance, customers gain critical management insights across physical and virtual environments to ensure that applications and services are being delivered based on customer SLAs.

VMware Smart Assurance also simplifies the operational management of complex cloud and virtual networks along with configuration management capabilities, leading to enhanced network operations staff productivity and efficiency

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Product Release Date
VMware Smart Assurance SMARTS
VMware Smart Assurance NCM
VMware Smart Assurance NCM Dsr
VMware Smart Assurance M&R
Ins Name : c5.v7.j4