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VMware Essential PKS is a production-grade deployment of Kubernetes, supported 24x7 by VMware Production Support. VMware Essential PKS is based on an opinionated and proven reference architecture centered on upstream Kubernetes, and bolstered by VMware open source tools that fill key gaps in the Kubernetes ecosystem to improve usability. We provide proactive support so you can avoid issues in the first place, and break-fix support for when issues do occur.

Velero      Contour     Sonobuoy     Harbor

VMware Essential PKS is not a distribution or a managed service. Instead, it is the complete set of products, expertise and support you need to deploy and manage upstream Kubernetes.

VMware Essential PKS delivers the assurance that comes with a distribution, but with the added benefits of control, portability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

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Product Release Date
VMware Essential PKS 1.17 2020-04-09 Go to Downloads
Ins Name : c5.v7.j3