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Customers who have purchased VMware ACE 2.7 can download their relevant installation package from the product download tab below.

VMware ACE End of Availability & End of Service Life

VMware has announced the end of availability (“EOA”) of VMware ACE, effective on December 31, 2011. No further orders for VMware ACE will be accepted after this date. VMware has also announced that all technical support and maintenance services for VMware ACE will cease on December 31, 2013 (“EOSL Date”).
Please read the "EOA" FAQs.

Get Your ACE License Key

Looking to purchase VMware ACE? Visit the VMware Online Store.

Once you have purchased VMware ACE 2.7 you will receive a licensing confirmation email with your license keys or you can retrieve your license keys from the license portal.

Looking for the ACE Option Pack? The ACE Option Pack is an upgrade for Workstation 7 and does not require you to install any additional software.

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Product Release Date
VMware ACE 2.7.5 2011-10-04 Go to Downloads
Ins Name : c5.v7.j3