Download VMware NSX Terraform Provider 1.0.0 for NSX-T Data Center 2.2.0

Version 1.0.0
Description VMware NSX Terraform Provider 1.0.0 for NSX-T Data Center 2.2.0
Release Date 2018-06-05
Type Drivers & Tools
VMware NSX Terraform Provider 1.0.0 for NSX-T 2.2.0
VMware NSX Terraform Provider
File size: 8.60 MB
File type: tar.gz
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Name: terraform-provider-nsxt-
Release Date: 2018-06-05
Build Number: 8619373

VMware NSX Terraform Provider
This package contains of the source code of the NSX Terraform Provider. It is recommended you automatically install the NSX-T Terraform Provider using the terraform init command. However, you can use this package for manual installation in your environment. Please refer to the Release Notes or the NSX-T Terraform Provider’s README.md file for detailed instructions on the installation of the provider.

MD5SUM: 0954b1ef0757e0cf4af737b71e788b0b
SHA1SUM: 2ba84ec6c1161733769c7fe9b5671f0b8d30de17
SHA256SUM: 3902dee6aba50506118e535c543555744645a425026b187891f7170935fa9113
File size: 99.89 KB
File type: pdf
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Name: NSX_Terraform_Provider_release_notes_v4.pdf
Release Date: 2018-06-05

MD5SUM: ebae16995b52b771789fdb72e4637434
SHA1SUM: d585a0077ee1c15c711f0fc5a1b01af52eace7d6
SHA256SUM: 8bd6aadef9a1b9ad52a87dfe007202c9903cadb54f7c9f77413f904d346f1cd8

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