Download VMware Fusion 8.5.8 (for Mac OS X)

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Description VMware Fusion 8.5.8
Release Date 2017-06-22
Type Product Binaries
VMware Fusion 8.5.8 (for Intel-based Macs)
File size: 467.19 MB
File type: dmg
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Name: VMware-Fusion-8.5.8-5824040.dmg
Release Date: 2017-06-22
Build Number: 5824040

VMware Fusion 8.5.8 (for Intel-based Macs)

MD5SUM: 951cee1f0fa8244a0b967cb816179bbd
SHA1SUM: fd8c3807e27fd792daf33097588c177b49d5e7c5
SHA256SUM: fe74972b36960b43a092619105d5053d391d39c55f04991ea3fdce2e9680c035

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Ins Name : c5.v6.j1