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Description VMware vCloud Director 5.5.6
Release Date 2016-04-14
Type Product Binaries
VMware vCloud Director 5.5.6
File size: 541.17 MB
File type: bin
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Name: vmware-vcloud-director-5.5.6-3764659.bin
Release Date: 2016-04-14
Build Number: 3764659

VMware vCloud Director 5.5.6
The VMware vCloud Director software is distributed as a Linux executable file. This file must be executed with superuser (root) privileges. After the software is installed on the target host, you will be prompted to run a configuration script to specify network and database connection details for the application.

MD5SUM: 27683bcc0d80e27c5dec290b4329efb4
SHA1SUM: bff8f4faa6c646ea98d17ad0030600dfb96fc202
SHA256SUM: 206724d1be4242e1991ead195f7a41ec4660e2445706d6e6ea3ed4ee03392214

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Ins Name : c1.v6.j7