Download VMware ESXi 5.0 driver aic79xx for Adaptec Ultra320 Family SCSI Card.

Description This Adaptec aic79xx driver supports products based on below PCI Ids:
SCSI 320 controllers:  { Vendor ID, Device ID }{ 0x9005, 0x8000}, // (ASC-29320A U320){ 0x9005, 0x800f}, // (AIC-7901 U320){ 0x9005, 0x8010}, // (ASC-32320D U320){ 0x9005, 0x8011}, // (ASC-32320D U320){ 0x9005, 0x8012}, // (ASC-29320 U320){ 0x9005, 0x8013}, // (ASC-29320B U320){ 0x9005, 0x8014}, // (ASC-29320LP U320){ 0x9005, 0x8015}, // (AHA-39320B){ 0x9005, 0x8016}, // (AHA-39320A){ 0x9005, 0x8017}, // (AHA-29320ALP / AHA-29320LPE){ 0x9005, 0x801c}, // (AHA-39320DB){ 0x9005, 0x801d}, // (AIC-8902 U320 OEM){ 0x9005, 0x801e}, // (AIC-7901A U320){ 0x9005, 0x801f}, // (AIC-7902 U320){ 0x9005, 0x8094}, // (ASC-29320LP U320 w/HostRAID){ 0x9005, 0x809e}, // (AIC-7901A U320 w/HostRAID){ 0x9005, 0x809f}, // (AIC-7901A U320 w/HostRAID)
Release Date 2012-07-30
Type Drivers & Tools
File size: 1 MB
File type: zip
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Name: aic79xx-1.0-784775.zip
Release Date: 2012-07-30
Build Number: 784775


MD5SUM: 6c7fca9b034f1622177a79011d80d0b4
SHA1SUM: c324887bbccfeaf06d4c849cad3a36952bc3d2af

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Ins Name : c5.v6.j1