Version 1.0.0
Description VMware vCenter Configuration Manager - Report Pack
Release Date 2012-05-08
Type Drivers & Tools
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 5.5.0 - Report Pack
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File type: zip
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Name: vCenterReportPackMay-3-2012S.zip
Release Date: 2012-08-30

VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 5.5.0 - Report Pack
This vCenter Configuration Manager report package includes reports for managing your VMware Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure. It includes a report for understanding your vCenter and vCloud Director permissions by user and group. Further, it contains updates to vSphere Host Summary Dashboard and detailed report showing configuration compliance with Host Profiles and vSphere Hardening Guide. This report package can be imported to vCenter Configuration Manager version 5.5 by using the Import & Export tool?s command line options with override. Please see Import & Export tool Help for more information.

MD5SUM: 3e5dba8a27ffaf3abe1fd9a8398b9ac8
SHA1SUM: 78c6ddd498bdec56e411c36a89e5826b321057d1

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