Version 6.5 U1
Description VMware vSAN Witness Appliance 6.5 U1
Release Date 2017-07-27
Type Drivers & Tools
VMware vSAN Witness Appliance
File size: 476.11 MB
File type: ova
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Name: VMware-vSAN-Witness-6.5.0.update01-5969303.ova
Release Date: 2017-07-27
Build Number: 5969303

VMware vSAN Witness Appliance
Stretch Cluster Witness Appliance for vSAN

MD5SUM: 1bf1e285758d92143356df5aab2b4cae
SHA1SUM: 899a75fb9437df1a9f0c4fba0a8e0941efaef213
SHA256SUM: 71fa866523399d2d03ef72c1536b0ef531528f4cfd69948848d1496a78c1c619

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Ins Name : c5.v6.j2