Download VMware vShield Bundle 5.0.0

Version 5.0.0
Compatible with vShield Bundle supports vSphere v5.0
Description VMware vShield Bundle 5.0.0
Release Date 2011-09-01
Type Product Binaries
Language Support English
vShield Manager 5.0.0, vShield Bundle 5.0.0
File size: 883 MB
File type: .ova
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Name: VMware-vShield-Manager-5.0.0-473791.ova
Release Date: 2011-09-01
Build Number: 473791

vShield Manager 5.0.0, vShield Bundle 5.0.0
This is a vShield Manager virtual appliance stored in Open Virtualization Format (OVF). vShield App with Data Security, Edge, and Endpoint components are packaged and managed by this vShield Manager virtual appliance.
Download vShield Manager onto a computer which has the vSphere Client installed and is used to manage vSphere.
Proceed to import vShield Manager virtual appliance using the vSphere Client. If you use the vShield Data Security feature you will also need to ensure that the guest VM has the vShield Endpoint Thin Agent, available from the VM Tools bundle (ESXi500-201109402-BG). Please see KB 2002778 for details.

MD5SUM: f7c1c0490749338fd8d09790ccd646f8
SHA1SUM: 97fd1b7a9eaa0b246e980b3838101fe3e35e7a97

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Ins Name : c5.v7.j4