Download VMware vSphere Integrated Containers 1.5.2

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Description VMware vSphere Integrated Containers 1.5.2
Release Date 2019-03-19
Type Product Binaries
Customers with current vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSphere Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) download the VMware Integrated Containers installation packages below.
vSphere Integrated Containers OVA
File size: 2.299 GB
File type: ova
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Name: vic-v1.5.2-7206-92ebfaf5.ova
Release Date: 2019-03-19
Build Number: 7206

vSphere Integrated Containers OVA

MD5SUM: 09d355c36b4f7699e8a497c559689e65
SHA1SUM: 85a1ae2a3a8a19cf1c75f2f44960cbef1028560b
SHA256SUM: d200d6d928d22041aac447f1070a7a6f712beb7cf84c4300b9a428ab003cf3ea

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Ins Name : c5.v7.j4