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Description VMware vRealize Configuration Manager 5.8.5
  • VMware vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM) enables you to store asset, security, and configuration settings, manage and remediate asset compliance.

    VCM collects thousands of asset, security, and configuration data settings from each networked virtual environments system and virtual object, and from Windows, UNIX, and Linux server and workstation and stores them in a centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB). By leveraging the information stored in the CMDB, IT administrators can ensure that company policies and the actions they perform are appropriate for the IT infrastructure that they support.
Release Date 2018-10-11
Type Product Binaries
VMware vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM) v5.8.5 ISO
File size: 2.12 GB
File type: iso
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Name: VMware-VCM-
Release Date: 2018-10-11
Build Number: 29

VMware vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM) v5.8.5 ISO

MD5SUM: 575fdd71159f01f2518579c579d1d3af
SHA1SUM: 4edef21b11ab321ea664dbb89ded23b83ebe1f13
SHA256SUM: f8ae4d895ee834c63aceec6fe9a727010113761a85c7c11bf3f7763984b4f653

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Ins Name : c5.v6.j2