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Description VMware Cloud Foundation 3.7.1 Downloads
Release Date 2019-05-02
Type Product Binaries
VMware Cloud Foundation 3.7.1 Bundles
Cloud Builder Deployment Parameter Guide
File size: 108.17 KB
File type: xlsx
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Name: vcf-ems-deployment-parameter_VCF3.7.1.xlsx
Release Date: 2019-05-02

Cloud Builder Deployment Parameter Guide
The deployment parameter sheet is also packaged within Cloud Builder OVA, Upon deployment of OVA you can download the file labeled “vcf-ems-deployment-parameter.xlsx. The file name mentioned here “ vcf-ems-deployment-parameter_VCF3.7.1.xlsx" is a aliased file name.

MD5SUM: 3abbad33bdfe0486140d769117012bb6
SHA1SUM: 6f5d11a83ae97a1a4a5b475c0a89c38a176f8d50
SHA256SUM: 79da4c4eaf7aaff4523b8fe1be057d49e9c222093f5b6216f2338337ebb25b79
VMware Cloud Builder
File size: 16.56 GB
File type: ova
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Name: VMware-Cloud-Builder-
Release Date: 2019-05-02
Build Number: 13532358

VMware Cloud Builder
This is the Unified VMware Cloud Builder in Open Virtualization Appliance Format (OVA). This OVA can be used to deploy VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Validated Designs.

MD5SUM: defb92c85a04c969686a27ed659d4751
SHA1SUM: a7cb2b83f887d10aebcd3a7c4160bc7503a4f6a9
SHA256SUM: 5bf4b7f889378a7b482bd421db800c14982e816d4aaea5ae32bbfc5431863d93

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Ins Name : c5.v7.j4