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Description Download group for VMware User Environment Manager 9.3.0 GA
Release Date 2018-01-04
Type Product Binaries
VMware User Environment Manager
File size: 29.61 MB
File type: zip file
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Name: VMware-UEM-9.3.zip
Release Date: 2018-01-04
Build Number: 7314239

VMware User Environment Manager
Contains all User Environment Manager installation files and administrative templates.

MD5SUM: 0320e65ba4eff3e3edc9a290aea056d3
SHA1SUM: 90c1ff6a9c30a0f9acd0a1f8ea8f4dc9760981ab
SHA256SUM: 604580222d52427025216e71ecd3df0547c87885457daca29cf9316a2ea7e2a4
Production license file
File size: 226 bytes
File type: lic file
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Name: VMware-UEM-9.3.0-GA.lic
Release Date: 2018-01-04

Production license file
Production license file for VMware User Environment Manager

MD5SUM: 3613d3507a46407a89495c3c7d6b4545
SHA1SUM: a3a57a3a512c3ccaea996fe1aeea78df8531bac8
SHA256SUM: 35dfcb30f75f52e15702dbe286811f042b48de72c8b28a6a0bae42735a047358

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Ins Name : c1.v7.j10