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Description VMware ThinApp 5.2.2
Release Date 2016-11-15
Type Product Binaries
ThinApp Installer
File size: 17.33 MB
File type: exe
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Name: VMware-ThinApp-Enterprise-5.2.2-4828553.exe
Release Date: 2017-01-09
Build Number: 4828553

ThinApp Installer
Installation file containing all windows components needed to create ThinApp packages

MD5SUM: cee8765ce93f188eaae589bfe544aa5f
SHA1SUM: 3af55b8228e7fe36f9531379af8eae03307678b2
SHA256SUM: 554fd0a758ba65d922a3e83b87d22a539c08756bd0859c14ab4d0f2e122f42aa
ThinApp 5.2.2 SDK
File size: 3.59 MB
File type: zip
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Name: VMware-ThinAppSDK-5.2.2-4828553.zip
Release Date: 2017-01-09
Build Number: 4828553

ThinApp 5.2.2 SDK
Archive containing all files for the ThinApp 5.2.2 SDK

MD5SUM: af7f3b878b9fd39274e382ab3c5ac587
SHA1SUM: 9410cac53474c6b61d8c8bad1ddee524796d6fa6
SHA256SUM: a93514e6faa168241c02940d6539a056b8bb99bdc7d141e1b3aac197033e86b9

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Ins Name : c5.v7.j4