Version 2.3.1
Description NSX Container Plugin 2.3.1
Release Date 2018-11-08
Type Drivers & Tools
NSX Container 2.3.1
File size: 637.55 MB
File type: zip
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Name: nsx-container-
Release Date: 2018-11-08
Build Number: 10693410

NSX Container 2.3.1
This package includes the required modules to integrate NSX-T with Kubernetes

MD5SUM: f72fcc5b504ae5d71f2c36a047a2bc64
SHA1SUM: 30afe3a9e8390391313551ab4a85e52ae1ca7480
SHA256SUM: 8825beb0c83d22890ab7f6ccf5c53fbd62d352788b6dc67bfb9255ef5775e455

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Ins Name : c5.v7.j3