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Version 5.5.0
Description VMware Mirage Tools
Release Date 2015-10-01
Type Drivers & Tools
VMware Mirage Reports Package
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File type: zip
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Name: VMware.Mirage.Reports.Package.zip
Release Date: 2015-12-08

VMware Mirage Reports Package
The VMware Mirage reports package includes custom reports that assist system administrators in planning and managing VMware Mirage. The following reports are currently available: (1) Branch Reflectors Reports: The branch reflector reports facilitate endpoint management in remote sites by presenting the coverage and status of branch reflectors across the organization and identify gaps in branch reflector coverage for branch offices or specific CVDs.

MD5SUM: 613ace703529df1d8da56cf054b7004f
SHA1SUM: 6a724b8d9550a0fd49dc8c95a7d81c50728e7956
VMware PowerCLI for Mirage
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File type: zip
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Name: Mirage_PowerCLI.550.104838.zip
Release Date: 2015-10-01

VMware PowerCLI for Mirage
PowerCLI Client for VMware Mirage

MD5SUM: 765bed94cca4f73bfa35e329eac3e7e7
SHA1SUM: 594196a2aac94c036cf98a97dff506d0b2c624b2
Mirage Centralization Phase Estimator
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File type: xlsx
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Name: Mirage_CE_calc_v1_5.xlsx
Release Date: 2017-05-18

Mirage Centralization Phase Estimator
The Centralization Calculator gives a ball park estimate for your environment requirement based on your usage and for centralization time based on your environment characteristics.

MD5SUM: b13fc7fff349666ea917ef111e214751
SHA1SUM: bb564c1141b3caf11ce533c1f4fad7791bc045de
SHA256SUM: ffaa0df5f72919831237a6d3779b7db0c9bd6496e856c0f29e7d0c28acceda6a

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