Download VMware Horizon ClientInfo Agent for Windows

Version 1.0.0
Description The VMware Horizon ClientInfo Agent for Windows
Release Date 2017-03-16
Type Drivers & Tools
Horizon ClientInfo Agent installer
File size: 2.54 MB
File type: Driver & Tool exe
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Name: VMware-Horizon-ClientInfo-agent-1.0.0-27289.exe
Release Date: 2017-03-16
Build Number: 27289

Horizon ClientInfo Agent installer
An ActiveX plugin that allows 3rd party developers to extract Horizon Client info in the remote Internet Explorer hosted by Horizon RDS servers

MD5SUM: 436346119cced25604a72757070da9a5
SHA1SUM: 8c0a861cbc19dbe3958267099442c9b7e2a9e32c
SHA256SUM: 3dc42699afc5f15ebdb8eec16b20b6afa02f6e8cea8e21b0943199712eac0d31

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Ins Name : c5.v7.j3