Download VMware App Volumes 2.16.0

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Description Download group for VMware App Volumes 2.16.0 GA
Release Date 2019-03-14
Type Product Binaries
App Volumes ISO File
File size: 519.80 MB
File type: ISO
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Name: VMware_AppVolumes_v2160.iso
Release Date: 2019-03-14

App Volumes ISO File
VMware App Volumes 2.16 desktop product disk image file

MD5SUM: a1cb48ba58e52ef865549465de71e2fe
SHA1SUM: 18a814748f1b9d0eb645d05a1ad40d240eae8b01
SHA256SUM: 98ce46f5b548f9ecd06ec5a6a86fcf414cf10eb38fa1de2711a1b0fdc0666dba
Unlimited desktops license key
File size: 696 bytes
File type: key
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Name: VMware_App_Volumes_Production_License_v216.key
Release Date: 2019-03-14

Unlimited desktops license key
VMware App Volumes 2.16.0 license file for unlimited desktops

MD5SUM: 6c1d003d9e7745240a078432096343d4
SHA1SUM: de310656352295dec840eb0e89097e279050a54c
SHA256SUM: 03c2c7e9150423a2efe667a40b57f6262da74b4e643c92832a3eae766e425fc0

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Ins Name : c5.v6.j2