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Description Download group for VMware App Volumes 2.14.0 GA
Release Date 2018-05-29
Type Product Binaries
File size: 494.30 MB
File type: iso
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Name: VMware_App_Volumes_v2140_05252018.iso
Release Date: 2018-05-29

VMware App Volumes 2.14.0 desktop product disk image file

MD5SUM: a564d42452d4d0c8b5a9b80774a8158b
SHA1SUM: 0b1c5e00e296ac087411a6e42092862723f66e6f
SHA256SUM: 2cc51b4e34f41456bac08dd27eca5c8e409d239482732f391b513d4322df706d
Unlimited desktops license key
File size: 696 bytes
File type: key
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Name: VMware_App_Volumes_Production_License_v214.key
Release Date: 2018-05-29

Unlimited desktops license key
VMware App Volumes 2.14.0 license file for unlimited desktops

MD5SUM: 54518584947092a74298f7bc9ba0b7ec
SHA1SUM: 8d1ef2a9f95891e5b246e3046d9f80e6ac883753
SHA256SUM: 84bc6f623a53474caeeaaa04c666d494be22e4aed6c69562a62eb0e4f473da6f

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Ins Name : c5.v6.j2