다운로드 VMware ESXi 5.x Driver CD for Broadcom NetXtreme II Network/iSCSI/FCoE Driver Set

버전 1.74.19.v50.1
설명 The driver CD includes cnic-1.74.04.v50.1, bnx2-2.2.3e.v50.1, bnx2x-1.74.19.v50.1, bnx2i-2.74.07.v50.1, bnx2fc-1.74.02.v50.2 and cnic_register-1.72.1.v50.2. Bnx2 driver supports NXII BCM5706/BCM5708/BCM5709/BCM5716 1G and bnx2x driver supports NXII BCM57710/BCM57711/BCM57711E/BCM57712/BCM57712MF/BCM57800/BCM57800MF/BCM57810/ BCM57810MF 10G Ethernet network controllers. Certification includes - VXLAN RSS, iSCSI Offload (with jumbo frames), FCoE Offload, DCB, iSCSI boot and FCoE Boot.
릴리스 날짜 2012-12-13
유형 드라이버 & 툴
파일 크기: 5 MB
파일 유형: zip
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Name: BCM-NetXtremeII-5.0-940344.zip
릴리스 날짜: 2012-12-13
빌드 번호: 940344


MD5SUM: ca3e24e23136295e20e98a4ef9d33c70
SHA1SUM: f310f962adee89c2acfa4eb947c93df45f563e86

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Ins Name : c1.v6.j8