다운로드 VMware ESXi 5.x Driver for Brocade HBAs and CNAs

설명 This driver CD release includes support for version of the Brocade BFA driver on ESXi 5.x. The BFA driver supports FC component of the Brocade 1860, 825, 425, 815, 415, 804 and 1867 Adapters and the FCoE component of the Brocade 1860, 1020, 1010, 1007 and 1741 Adapters.
릴리스 날짜 2012-12-18
유형 드라이버 & 툴
파일 크기: 3 MB
파일 유형: zip
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Name: BCD-bfa-
릴리스 날짜: 2012-12-18
빌드 번호: 943825


MD5SUM: 120a6da390f31a769acc33964454fe59
SHA1SUM: 89b170dc96eb48bff59dc2da2400aef46b68b626

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Ins Name : c1.v2.j4