ダウンロード VMware ESX/ESXi 4.x Driver CD for Intel 82598 and 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers

バージョン 3.4.23
説明 The ESX/ESXi 4.x driver CD includes version 3.4.23 of the Intel ixgbe driver, which enables support for products based on the Intel 82598 and 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers. For detailed information about ESX hardware compatibility, check the I/O Hardware Compatibility Guide Web application.
メモを入力 When you use this driver CD to install the driver during the ESX 4.0 installation process, the network configuration screen might show some devices as Unknown devices even when they are supported by the driver. After ESX starts, all devices are displayed properly. On ESXi, some devices might continue to be displayed as Unknown devices during normal functioning.
リリース日 2011-08-08
種類 ドライバとツール
ファイル サイズ: 2 MB
ファイル タイプ: iso
Name: vmware-esx-drivers-net-ixgbe_400.3.4.23-1vmw.2.17.249663.455098.iso
リリース日: 2011-08-08
ビルド番号: 455098


MD5SUM: b5c47a4a2c13621f8030440686850954
SHA1SUM: c9596f9a9910c184e7d10879ccb2f0a27ee15486

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Ins Name : c5.v7.j4