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Description VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.5.5
Date de mise à jour 2013-11-14
Type Exécutables de produits
VMware vSphere Data Protection
Taille du fichier: 3 GB
Type de fichier: ova
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Name: vSphereDataProtection-0.0TB.ova
Date de mise à jour: 2014-03-11

VMware vSphere Data Protection
OVA file for VMware vSphere Data Protection.
Right-click the '.ova' link to download and save the file locally with the .ova extension. Use the VMware vSphere Web Client to import this .ova file to your setup.

MD5SUM: f0f8fbed9970d7fec9df2597887e114e
SHA1SUM: 3e78857934fbc812d008e987b6c4af2dc3f248a9
VMware vSphere Data Protection - Upgrade ISO
Taille du fichier: 2.6G
Type de fichier: iso
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Name: VMwareVDPUpgradeFrom61To-7.0.81-86.iso
Date de mise à jour: 2013-11-14

VMware vSphere Data Protection - Upgrade ISO
Upgrade ISO image for VMware vSphere Data Protection.
Use this ISO image to upgrade from a previous build of VMware vSphere Data Protection. Please read VDP's administrator guide for details on how to upgrade.

MD5SUM: 16f438ed8ead942f31f073852ce1e89f
SHA1SUM: b6c68564139f7cdd21091e93828bece354c27de8
Taille du fichier: 35M
Type de fichier: run
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Name: vdp_patch-
Date de mise à jour: 2014-01-15

An issue has been discovered in the VDP and VDP Advanced 5.5 releases. A fix for this issue is provided below as a downloadable file. Customers are strongly advised to apply this fix even if no adverse effects have been observed. Please see http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2067635 for details on this issue and instructions on applying the fix. Applying the fix will remove excess database entries to free up space on the appliance and modify the database configuration to prevent further occurrences.

MD5SUM: 3a9379e0d151ca5e81004f7a8f047f68
SHA1SUM: 0511059cc437da77e92e230c0f7c2f6268d9d085

Information sur Totaux de contrôle MD5 et Totaux de contrôle SHA1 .

Ins Name : c1.v5.j5