Version 4.0.17
Description The ESXi 5.x driver package includes version 4.0.17 of the Intel igb driver, which enables support for products based on the Intel 82580, I210, and I350 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers.
For detailed information and ESX hardware compatibility, check the I/O Hardware Compatibility Guide Web application.
Date de mise à jour 2012-12-10
Type Pilotes et outils
Taille du fichier: 1 MB
Type de fichier: ZIP
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Name: igb-4.0.17-890403.zip
Date de mise à jour: 2012-12-10
Numéro de version: 890403


MD5SUM: 625a812676ae8a1fb844b347015cc2b7
SHA1SUM: e73fdd715620549182cc9fb08720bddeb0911408

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