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Customers who have purchased VMware Mirage can download their relevant installation package from the product download tab below.

VMware Mirage is a new layered approach to managing your end-user’s Windows PCs. IT manages layers that update the OS and apps while end-users control their files, profile, and other unmanaged apps. IT can update their layers without affecting the user layers- and all layers are kept synchronized within the data center when the user is online. And, since Horizon Mirage leverages local computing your end-user’s can work online or offline and always enjoy full native performance.

Mirage’s unique layered solution to desktop management and low-footprint architecture empowers IT to strengthen how they do key IT initiatives like: Windows 7 migrations, Windows image and app management, PC management at remote branch offices, and desktop support and recovery.

Need to Activate VMware Mirage?

Once you have purchased VMware Mirage, you will receive a license confirmation email with your license keys or you can retrieve your license keys from the VMware license portal.

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Product Release Date
VMware Mirage 5.9.1 2017-09-28 Go to Downloads
VMware Workstation 12.1.1 Pro for Windows 2016-04-21 Go to Downloads
VMware ThinApp 5.1.1 2015-05-21 Go to Downloads
Ins Name : c5.v7.j4