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To provide consumer-grade Java applications, you need an application server that maximizes performance, scales easily, and minimizes cost and overhead. The ideal Java application server accelerates development and is compatible with the open standards of today and the cloud infrastructures of tomorrow.

Pivotal tc Server provides companies with a secure, supported, and extended Java application server based on and fully-compatible with Apache Tomcat. Many companies are attracted by the simplicity and performance of Tomcat but must balance that simplicity with the responsibility of running large server farms hosting mission-critical applications. Pivotal tc Server strikes that balance for both development and operations teams by including optional extensions and packages that facilitate installation, maintenance, upgrade, and performance management, without breaking the essential qualities that make Tomcat so popular.

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Product Release Date
Pivotal tc Server 3.1.0 Standard Edition 2015-04-02 Go to Downloads
Ins Name : c5.v6.j1