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Intelligent Operations correlates data from applications and infrastructure, across Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and hybrid cloud, in a unified, scalable management suite that’s easy-to-use and provides visibility into IT costs and control over health, performance, capacity, and logs, with predictive analytics driving proactive action and policy-based automation.

Intelligent Operations is enabled by the vRealize Suite Standard Edition that includes:

Installation & Setup

Initial Setup

vRealize Log Insight Install

Native OS an App Support


SDDC Performance & Availability

vSphere Performance Monitoring and
Guided Remediation

vSphere Hardening

vRealize Log Insight Overview


Integration with vRealize Operations


Unified Management

Custom Dashboards, Views and Reports

Business Critical Application Monitoring

Storage and Network Analytics


AWS and vCloud Air Monitoring


Infrastructure Optimization

Capacity Optimization and Scenario



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