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Beschreibung VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.8

VMware is announcing the end of availability of VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) in future versions of vSphere. VMware vSphere 6.5 is the last release which includes the VDP product. All existing vSphere Data Protection installations with active Support and Subscription (SnS) will continue to be supported until their End of General Support (EOGS) date. See KB article and FAQ for more information.

Release-Datum 2014-09-09
Typ Produkt-Binärdateien
VMware vSphere Data Protection
Dateigröße: 5 GB
Dateityp: ova
Name: vSphereDataProtection-5.8.ova
Release-Datum: 2014-09-09
Build-Nummer: 467

VMware vSphere Data Protection
OVA file for VMware vSphere Data Protection.
Right-click the '.ova' link to download and save the file locally with the .ova extension. Use the VMware vSphere Web Client to import this .ova file to your setup.

MD5SUM: a89073f80ce576181318060b8e1d6ab6
SHA1SUM: 50dfe8e393bc61efeb6eb9d9f654dc92bb03fb9b
VMware vSphere Data Protection - Upgrade ISO
Dateigröße: 4 GB
Dateityp: iso
Name: vSphereDataProtection-5.8.iso
Release-Datum: 2014-09-09
Build-Nummer: 467

VMware vSphere Data Protection - Upgrade ISO
Upgrade ISO image for VMware vSphere Data Protection.
Use this ISO image to upgrade from a previous build of VMware vSphere Data Protection. Please read VDP's administrator guide for details on how to upgrade.

MD5SUM: d28fc25a9acdecd13f0385bce6688fed
SHA1SUM: 80b572bf4b9ba30c24a853c16297fa1b86bd44a5
VDP Shellshock Patch
Dateigröße: 781 KB
Dateityp: run
Name: vdp-shellshock-patch-1.run
Release-Datum: 2014-10-04
Build-Nummer: None

VDP Shellshock Patch
Patch for VDP for Shellshock issue.
Refer to KB 2091341 for information about this patch.

MD5SUM: 955955d602f94822897a9e7db0a12e44
SHA1SUM: 44991a16ae2161a1c87ff5f8388593bc0c64c649
VDP Glibc patch
Dateigröße: 54.63 MB
Dateityp: gz
Name: VDP_Glibc_patch_11Mar2016.tar.gz
Release-Datum: 2016-03-11

VDP Glibc patch
Patch for Multiple stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in Glibc library. Refer to KB 2144496 for information about this patch.

MD5SUM: cd29ab81fda17d8143d692857ca628de
SHA1SUM: 821ebee6a7c9cde3603f1389d0701b0bd4edee33
SHA256SUM: 572b85642b430d9093dffc837d59f8039ce7e7f01d3b4e7b47579cc833f2428d

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Ins Name : c1.v5.j6