Download VMware vShield Endpoint 1.0

Version 1.0.0
Kompatibel mit vShield Endpoint supports vSphere v4.1 and later. Please note that this product does not support earlier versions of vSphere and installation on these versions is prevented
Release-Datum 2010-08-30
Typ Produkt-Binärdateien
Unterstützte Sprachen English
vShield Manager 4.1, vShield Endpoint 1.0
Dateigröße: 525 MB
Dateityp: .ova
Name: VMware-vShield-Manager-4.1.0-287872.ova
Release-Datum: 2010-08-30
Build-Nummer: 287872

vShield Manager 4.1, vShield Endpoint 1.0
This is a vShield Manager virtual appliance stored in Open Virtualization Format (OVF). vShield Endpoint components are packaged and managed by this vShield Manager virtual appliance. Download vShield Manager onto a computer which has the vSphere Client installed and is used to manage vSphere. Proceed to import vShield Manager virtual appliance using the vSphere Client.

MD5SUM: d60d28fa76eb5ad04d226af26f0020e5
SHA1SUM: a4d97f2c178b3b4d0b3ff5e8b4a78e62e017d31e

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Ins Name : c1.v2.j4