Download VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)

Beschreibung VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)
Release-Datum 2016-05-05
Typ Treiber und Tools
vSphere Management Assistant
Dateigröße: 601.70 MB
Dateityp: .zip
Name: vMA-
Release-Datum: 2016-05-05
Build-Nummer: 3755529

vSphere Management Assistant
Linux-based vSphere virtual machine that is pre-installed with a command-line interface and select third-party agents needed to manage your vSphere infrastructure. The zip file contains the .ovf and .vmdk files; download, unzip and then use vSphere Client to import the .ovf file

MD5SUM: b29d6fc1bfa36a91932593fdf90ccd79
SHA1SUM: d7e5df8ab2b0a77b0cdbee2469a0709e61ec689a
SHA256SUM: 302e74f2a34e2f04f55c8872248cedbb9c52561bcee04152213cdab412c3831c
vSphere Management Assistant
Dateigröße: 383.77 MB
Dateityp: .tar.gz
Name: vMA-60P01-3755529-repo.tar.gz
Release-Datum: 2016-05-05
Build-Nummer: 3755529

vSphere Management Assistant
If your Internet access is restricted, you can set up your own internal repository for vMA updates as an alternative to updating from a VMware public repository. To do this, you can download the updates as a tar.gz update bundle

MD5SUM: 4952c67ae6ddbfefcd96877e4bc02cd4
SHA1SUM: bea793f308d29862ed2bd2fdf8f1dafa5464f5dc
SHA256SUM: 57dad619b375d871c72e455c00fc6af50abd708aeafebb7d29432130ff33a301

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