Download VMware vCloud Connector 2.5 Core

Version 2.5.0
Beschreibung VMware vCloud Connector 2.5 Core
Hinweise VMware vCloud Connector Server and Node ZIP files contain both Core and Advanced editions in one binary.
vCloud Connector 2.5 Core Functionality does not require a license key. It supports vSphere 4.x, 5.x and vCloud Director 1.5 & 5.x
Release-Datum 2013-06-11
Typ Treiber und Tools
vCC Server
Dateigröße: 1.1G
Dateityp: zip
Name: vCCServer-
Release-Datum: 2013-06-19
Build-Nummer: 1182929

vCC Server
vCC 2.5 Server Pkg. for RTM & GA

MD5SUM: 3bdccb91fe89130ea12c39ade34bad50
SHA1SUM: a2d8210ded1ad05fbc8131d72c31afde1608b740
vCC Node
Dateigröße: 672M
Dateityp: zip
Name: vCCNode-
Release-Datum: 2013-06-19
Build-Nummer: 1182928

vCC Node
vCC 2.5 Node Pkg. for RTM & GA

MD5SUM: 71cafb168b1a192320cbcf1b9907dcba
SHA1SUM: f975ee2eb66a71e81b99a9eb1a2a55a0e658c073

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Ins Name : c5.v6.j1