Version 5.0.0
Beschreibung VMware Mirage Tools
Release-Datum 2014-06-24
Typ Treiber und Tools
No Backup Alerts tool
Dateigröße: 1.62 MB
Dateityp: zip
Name: VMware.Mirage.NoBackupAlerts.500.50438.zip
Release-Datum: 2016-06-14
Build-Nummer: 50438

No Backup Alerts tool
The NoBackupAlerts tool can assist the IT administrator with monitoring the backup status of CVDs. It sends an email message to the administrator, containing all the CVDs that did not complete a backup within a given time, and can also send an email to individual users.

MD5SUM: 120f0b9781acc72ae0d86cff844a9538
SHA1SUM: d4ef0c9de136e5770140194067101ad508f1010d
SHA256SUM: 0a74a1b11dcd8ee3e64de8662e62c8f00bcf23c330a44f97c086537d5eac87b7

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