下载 VMware HTML Console SDK 2.1.0

版本 2.1.0
描述 VMware HTML Console SDK 2.1.0
发行日期 2016-10-27
类型 驱动程序和工具
VMware HTML Console SDK
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文件类型: zip
Name: WebMKS_SDK_2.1.0.zip
发行日期: 2016-10-27
内部版本号: 4504321

VMware HTML Console SDK
The HTML Console SDK allows developers to add virtual machine console functionality to an existing web user interface running on VMware vSphere and vCloud Director[vCloud Director APIs are in tech preview ONLY]

MD5SUM: 8fbe820db388a7a3955ece7f8a682799
SHA1SUM: 5ee7839c3812f28af26549395638eef910bb872c
SHA256SUM: c723282a29fb9a879c9e07c0721c89c0be307bc400873bea9081013efa7c3c46

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